The benefits of attending a Yoga Workshop

Sometimes I get questions from my students enquiring what a yoga workshop is all about and what the benefits of attending one is. As you can imagine, I’ve been to a few now and can honestly say how highly enjoyable and beneficial they are to my own practise. They are...

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Are you obsessed with perfect?

Do you feel as though you let yourself down when things don't go to plan or doesn't go the way you thought it would go and then you start beating yourself up? If we leave no room for error, then no matter what challenge we take on, the end result is that we will...

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Anyone for a natural cough remedy???

Coughs have never been so prevalent this year with so many people coming down with the dreaded lurgy. After getting over the initial cold and flu like symptoms, loads of people seem to be left with really nasty coughs that seem to last for weeks. Some of my students...

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Are you ready for the Winter (Kapha) Season?

We are now in the season what is traditionally know Ayurvedically as Kapha, the Winter season!! Colds, coughs and all types of viruses are prevalent this time of year which is all the more reason to take care of ourselves and nourish our bodies. With this in mind, I...

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Dru Snowdonia Mountain Lodge

I have recently started a new chapter in my life; I have just come back from the Dru Snowdonia Mountain Lodge in Bethseda, North Wales and started a wonderful course in Dru Meditation Teacher Training!! I met some amazing people and made new friends. What an amazing...

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Aqua Yoga Classes

NEWS FLASH !!! I AM STARTING A NEW AQUA YOGA CLASS STARTING ON TUESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY AT 11.30 AM UNTIL 12.15 PM AT DUDLEY LEISURE CENTRE, WELLINGTON ROAD, DUDLEY, DY1 1UH - Cost £3.75 per class. Be the first to try out this unique class, no where else does this type of...

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