Sometimes I get questions from my students enquiring what a yoga workshop is all about and what the benefits of attending one is. As you can imagine, I’ve been to a few now and can honestly say how highly enjoyable and beneficial they are to my own practise. They are much longer than the usual yoga class and are about 3 hours long or sometimes they can be a full day. Normally the workshop themed, this gives the event focus.

The benefits you can obtain from going to a yoga workshop are wide-ranging. A workshop allows you the ability to hone your yoga techniques and deepen your practice and relaxation more. It also allows you to step back a bit and re-evaluate your life. Trying new things out is a great thing to do; having a go at a different style of yoga is always interesting. Getting out and attending a yoga workshop also allows you the benefit of mingling and meeting with new and likeminded people.

I went to a fabulous Dru Yoga workshop only yesterday delivered by a wonderful collaboration of 3 Dru yoga teachers who go by the name of Yoga for all Seasons. They are on Facebook, please take a look, their next workshop is on 24th June. Yesterday’s focus was on the spring equinox and celebrating rebirth and re-growth. All I can say is that I felt highly empowered and recharged for the new season ahead.

Now I hear you saying “Are you going to do a workshop” well, strangely enough yes. I am doing an amazing collaborative Wellness Day workshop with the amazing Sue Wilkinson who is an Empowerment Specialist, she can help you to release mental blocks and re-ignite your inner power. The theme is “Relax & Re-align”. It’s on Saturday 6th May from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm and it’s £97.00.



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