Yes it’s that time of the month again when your friendly neighbourhood spiders are out on the prowl looking for a nice warm home to go to and putting the fear of god into everyone as they scuttle across your carpet. I think most people aren’t that happy about having them around, maybe it’s their 6 eyes and 8 legs that do it eek!!. However they do get bad press as they do a lot of good for the environment. I for one used to be absolutely terrified of spiders and this time of year would send me into absolute panic mode, I would scream the place down hysterically if I saw one. So you now maybe asking me what changed my view point on spiders, well yoga of course. Yoga teaches us acceptance and kindness to all living beings including ourselves. Learning to accept your environment and breathing deeply when something challenging comes along has really helped me immensely.  I now except that spiders may choose to come into my house and if they do, I choose not to become hysterical about it. So before you suck them up your vacuum cleaner or swat one with your newspaper, just think, they must be terrified of us, we are like a million storey skyscraper to them. Try trapping them under a glass and putting a card underneath and transferring them outside. Remember, nature has a much tougher time than us, so be kind, we are at the top of the food chain and they are not.


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