Now that we have Christmas behind us and the New Year is here, it’s a good time to reflect upon getting back on track. Personally, I love to get back to normality after the Christmas period and this year is going to be amazing year for Free the spirit Yoga, I have some fantastic ideas for 2018!

Yes, it’s the time of year again that people set their New Year’s Resolutions, like to lose weight, or to get fitter, or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (or maybe not). If this sounds like a daunting prospect, you are not the only one. Most people’s New Year’s resolutions fall by the way side in February. To create a New Year’s Resolution is great, but sometimes we just set the goal post too high and set the time frame too short for ourselves to achieve it and we get bored. This is why I have created a fantastic and totally achievable 8 week Dru Yoga programme throughout January and February that will help you to support your detox and stimulate your digestive fire as well as releasing and relaxing you. Yoga is so much more than just an exercise class; it is a platform for self-discovery, it gives you the time away from the daily grind of work to stretch, strengthen, release and relax.

My New Year’s resolution to you is to get you back on track with your health and wellbeing and to make you feel more energetic. Remember you already are what you need to be to fulfil your life’s dream; your true potential is inside of you ready to burst out. So why not come to my class and discover your true potential!

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