I woke up this morning feeling fired up and ready to meet life’s challenges. With my Manipura on fire which is the centre of dynamism and will power, I thought to myself, this is it; I’m going to sort out my website and do a blog and market my new classes and and and. Wait a minute, I thought, all of this stuff takes time. So off I trotted to my yoga class, yes even yogis go to yoga classes, how else do we replenish.

Coming back from my class, I realised that I was starving and was in need of some nourishment. I decided to sit on my towel in the garden and eat my lovely lunch. I realised that no matter how busy we are in life, we need to down tools and spend time just to rest and reflect. Being a good little fairy, I made my Buddha a lovely little garland made out of daisies; he seems very pleased with it which made me smile.

I reflected on why I felt so fired up, so energised today, a total feeling of will power and then I suddenly realised that for the past 2 days, I had been teaching Surya Namaskar the sun sequence with the use of Kapalbhati in some instances (it’s a wonder I didn’t self-combust). Even though I was teaching it and having to keep an eye on my students, I had obviously made a huge shift in my Manipura centre too and had become invigorated by all of this activity. My soul force had been awakened. This draws me to the conclusion that just moving the body in a particular way is so powerful that you really can feel it for days. My advice to you is to please do some home practice, take it easy and enjoy the movement and think positively to fulfil your life. Yoga isn’t just about posture work either, you can go out and take a walk in the woods, breathe in some life giving prana energy that the universe gives us for free and be at one with yourself. Don’t forget to rest if you need to. Yoga is all about living your life to the fullest potential.

Enjoy and take care.





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