Most Vitamin D comes from sunlight so having 10 minutes exposure of full sunlight per day really helps to boost our Vitamin D. Between the months of late March and the end of September we should have had our full exposure of Vit D, however sometimes we don’t always get our full quota of sunlight by the end of the Summer season. When October hits, lack of Vitamin D can cause us fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin D helps us to control the amount of calcium phosphate in our bodies which are needed for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. What it also does is helps us to keep our immunity strong so our bodies ward off those nasty diseases like coughs and colds. According to the NHS, experts are recommending everyone consider Vitamin D supplements over the winter period.

Here is a list of some foods that are high in Vitamin D – eggs, oily fish, kale, spinach and cheese.

Have a happy new autumn season, go for some lovely autumn walks and most of all take care of yourselves and be healthy.


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