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Philippa Hazeldine


What drew me to Dru?

My personal journey into Dru Yoga

Years ago, I suffered with chronic, debilitating back pain. It affected my whole life and I carried it like an anchor around my neck. I had tried every which way to rid myself of the pain via the NHS and also lots of other holistic routes, none of them really worked permanently. Then one day, I was introduced by an osteopath to an amazing Yoga teacher.

To start with, she gave me one to one lessons to strengthen my core stability. After the end of a 6 week one to one Yoga course, my pain had gone and my mobility had improved immensely. Being free from pain transformed my life; the yoga gave me the key to release me from my old painful ways.

I had a sudden realization and a desperate need to know more about Yoga as a healing tool. I wanted to know where it came from, the philosophy surrounding it and why you get such an amazing vibe from doing it. I wanted to bring this awareness out and teach it to as many people as possible, so that they could benefit from yoga too.

After finding out about the therapeutic benefits of Dru Yoga, in 2012, I registered on the Dru Yoga Teacher training course. The personal transformation that I received from training with the Dru Yoga School I can only describe as amazing. I learned a lot about myself and my life, I also learned a lot about acceptance.

One of the most powerful tools I learned from the course is how to still the mind, to stop over thinking things and to live life in the present moment. After graduating and qualifying as a Dru Yoga Teacher, the whole world opened to me as I now teach full time.

I love teaching Dru and feel blessed when new students come to my classes because they are drawn to Dru. I can teach and support people to strengthen their bodies, minds and spirits.

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