8 Tips for surviving the run up to Christmas

Don’t stress!! - If it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done. Remember it’s only one day a year!! Don’t over indulge - The temptation to over eat this time of year is huge. Food really impacts on our moods, eating or drinking too much sugar, caffeine or alcohol can...

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Don’t forget your Vitamin D

Most Vitamin D comes from sunlight so having 10 minutes exposure of full sunlight per day really helps to boost our Vitamin D. Between the months of late March and the end of September we should have had our full exposure of Vit D, however sometimes we don’t always...

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Spiders don’t you just love em eek!!

Yes it’s that time of the month again when your friendly neighbourhood spiders are out on the prowl looking for a nice warm home to go to and putting the fear of god into everyone as they scuttle across your carpet. I think most people aren’t that happy about having...

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The benefits of attending a Yoga Workshop

Sometimes I get questions from my students enquiring what a yoga workshop is all about and what the benefits of attending one is. As you can imagine, I’ve been to a few now and can honestly say how highly enjoyable and beneficial they are to my own practise. They are...

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Are you obsessed with perfect?

Do you feel as though you let yourself down when things don't go to plan or doesn't go the way you thought it would go and then you start beating yourself up? If we leave no room for error, then no matter what challenge we take on, the end result is that we will...

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Anyone for a natural cough remedy???

Coughs have never been so prevalent this year with so many people coming down with the dreaded lurgy. After getting over the initial cold and flu like symptoms, loads of people seem to be left with really nasty coughs that seem to last for weeks. Some of my students...

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